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Newcastle. NSW,

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Everything EOS

Everything EOS – by FitzSnuggly Productions



We would like to share our expertise with those photographers that are new to or not as experienced with the Canon EOS system.


You have or will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a camera, lenses, speed lights etc and it can all be a waste of time and money if you buy the wrong equipment or don't know how to use your gear to the best of your ability.


For a small set fee will help you define exactly what you want to achieve with your Canon EOS equipment.

We can confirm if the gear you have is suitable.

Then provide tuition, coaching & support to enable you to achieve your goals.

We can also recommend the equipment you could acquire and the best/cheapest way of acquiring that gear.

We can also provide ongoing mentoring - if required.


Sessions start at $25


Mob: 0438882661




We currently shoot with 5 Canon EOS “Bodies” and 15 + lenses, we have owned/used many more in the past. As well we use a various range of speed lights and other accessories.

We shoot with at least one of our Canon EOS cameras every day.

We usually average 1000 + images a week (professional and personal) on Canon EOS systems.